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Data Types

type  global::setI
type  global::type
type  global::type
type  global::setBC
type  global::setSet
type  global::dom
type  global::phy
type  global::dGroup
type  global::pGroup
type  global::DemonaModel
type  global::phyY


module  global


type(DemonaModel), target global::myModel
integer, target global::fullNx
integer, target global::fullNy
integer, target global::fullNz
integer global::fV = 0
integer global::ghostCells = 2
integer, target global::currentSetLength
integer, target global::globalCurrentSetLength
integer global::relativeModel = relativeLex
integer global::globalCorrection = 0
logical global::setRuleActive = OFF
integer global::currentPhysics
integer global::currentDomain
integer, pointer global::numberOfPhysics
integer, pointer global::numberOfDomains
integer, pointer global::dof
integer, pointer global::dFX
integer, pointer global::numberOfGhostCells
integer, pointer global::pVec
integer, pointer global::dVec
character(len=79) global::TecplotVariables
integer, pointer global::totalDof
integer, pointer global::modelDof
integer, pointer global::physicsDof
integer, pointer global::domainDof
integer, pointer global::totalNode
integer, pointer global::modelNode
integer, pointer global::physicsNode
integer, pointer global::domainNode
integer, pointer global::setVec
integer, pointer global::localSetVec
integer, pointer global::maxPhysicsGroup
integer, pointer global::maxDomainGroup
real(8), pointer global::refXcoor
real(8), pointer global::refYcoor
real(8), pointer global::Lx
real(8), pointer global::Ly
integer, pointer global::firstIndex
integer, pointer global::lastIndex
integer, pointer global::colorMin
integer, pointer global::colorMax
integer, pointer global::setDof
integer, pointer global::relativeIndex
integer, pointer global::numberOfPhysicalParameters
type(setSet), pointer global::discSet
type(phyY), allocatable global::setY
real(8), dimension(:), pointer global::y
 used as y=>myModelx
real(8), pointer global::yPTO
 used as y=>myModelx
real(8), pointer global::yRTO
 used as y=>myModelx
real(8), dimension(:), pointer global::tempy
 used as tempy=>myModeltempx
real(8), pointer global::discreteY
 used as discreteY=>y or discreteY=>tempy
real(8), dimension(:), pointer global::x
 used as x=>myModelphysics(p)domain(d)x
real(8), pointer global::xPTO
 used as x=>myModelphysics(p)domain(d)x
real(8), pointer global::xRTO
 used as x=>myModelphysics(p)domain(d)x
integer global::colorFunctionIndex
integer global::colorValMax
real(8), allocatable global::yBackup
integer global::timeIter
real(8) global::dt
integer global::totalLinearIterations
integer global::totalNonLinearIterations
real(8), allocatable global::setTol
logical global::freezedJacobian = off
integer global::maxNewtonIter = 20
 default is 20
integer global::newtonSuccess
logical global::inexactNewton = ON
real(8) global::jacSF = 1.1d0
 safety factor for the size of the jacVal
integer global::jacInterval = 1
real(8) global::jacSkipTol = 1e6
logical global::jacSkip = off
integer global::maxBacktrackCount = 10
logical global::doBacktrack = on
integer global::preconditioner = rp
logical global::bootStrapping = on
real(8) global::bootdamping = 1.d0
real(8), target global::jacDiscOrder = lowOrder
real(8), dimension(:), pointer global::damping
integer global::currentDof
integer global::maxPicardIter = 50
integer global::gsMaxNewton = 1
integer global::maxGsIter = 1000
logical global::blockGS = no
logical global::gsSolver = off
logical global::accumulating = no
integer global::maxGsPhysics = 1
integer global::overlap = 0
integer global::overlapX
 might be used
integer global::overlapY
 might be used
integer global::maxMSIter = 100
 default value
integer global::xPartition = 1
integer global::yPartition = 1
integer global::numberOfMSDomains
logical global::msSolver = on
logical global::msRandom = off
logical global::msArtificialBC = on
real(8) global::msArtificialAlpha
integer global::maxRealTimeIter = 1
integer global::maxPhysicsIter = 1
integer global::maxPseudoTimeIter = 1
integer global::maxDomainIter = 1
integer global::mySolver = 1
integer global::myHybrid = 1
logical global::readInitialGuess = off
logical global::poissonCompatibility = on
real(8) global::dtau
integer global::test
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