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module  mf


real(8) mf::matVec (v)
real(8) mf::epsValue (x, v)
subroutine mf::typicalSize (X, n, typSize)
subroutine mf::colorJacobianCRS (val, col_ind, row_ptr, dof, symbolic, valSize, indSize, diagVecInd, returnNumberOfColors, numberOfColors)
integer mf::ColoringFunction (nx, ny, stencil, dof, unk)
real(8) mf::ColoringEvaluation (colorVector, numberOfColors, dof)
real(8) mf::crsMatVecMult (val, col_ind, row_ptr, vec)
real(8) mf::LUyX (val, col_ind, row_ptr, dof, diag_ptr, valSize, Vec)
character mf::giveDirections (value)
subroutine mf::qsortd (x, ind, n)
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