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module  myFunctions


real myFunctions::distance (p1, p2)
integer, dimension(:), pointer myFunctions::get_ptr_lb (array, lb1)
integer, dimension(2) myFunctions::getElementNodes (myNx, myNy, myNz)
REAL(8), dimension(:), pointer myFunctions::reallocate_vector (p, n)
INTEGER, dimension(:), pointer myFunctions::reallocate_vector_integer (p, n)
REAL(8), dimension(:,:), pointer myFunctions::reallocate_matrix (p, n, m)
INTEGER, dimension(:,:), pointer myFunctions::reallocate_matrix_integer (p, n, m)
real(8), dimension(size(r, dim=1) myFunctions::multiplier (R, sint, cost, j)
real(8), dimension(size(hmyFunctions::previous (H, sint, cost)
real(8), dimension(size(b) myFunctions::backwardsub (U, b)
real(8), dimension(size(a) myFunctions::scaler (a, b)
real(8), dimension(size(a) myFunctions::invscaler (a, b)
real(8) myFunctions::signum (x)
real(8) myFunctions::wNorm (myVec, myWVec)
subroutine myFunctions::fileNamer (phyNum, domNum, file, timeNum)
real(8) myFunctions::cubic (df0, f0, fprev1, fprev2, lambdaprev1, lambdaprev2)
real(8) myFunctions::machineps ()
real(8) myFunctions::quadratic (df0, f0, f1)
real(8) myFunctions::ser (normOld, normNew, oldDt, serpower)
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