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version 1.2b


kNaN is a solver for systems of nonlinear equations based on Newton's Method with line search backtracking.


Currently the solver can only work with explicit definitions of f() and jf() .

Future Work

Following methods are planned to be implemented:

To do list for version 1.3:

To do list for version 1.2:

Version History

version 1.2b - Multiplier

problem sets are added

code changes

basic inexact newton is implemented

separate matrix vector multiplier MatVecMult() is added

version 1.2a - Addition

bicgstab is added as a solver (matmul - no precon)

bicgstab_no_s is added as the default bicgstab solver (matmul- no precon)

version 1.1 - Expansion

absolute and relative tolerances are introduced. convergence options are introduced.

solverParameters and physicalParameters modules are added.

Debugging related extra information parameters are added.

module myFunctions is added. quadratic and cubic functions
are carried into this module.

machineps: machineps() - scalar function
calculates the machine eps

version 1.0 - Inception

In this version the most basic form of a line search backtracking algorithm is implemented. In this program the example problem 6.5.1 given in [1] is examined


[1] Numerical Methods for Unconstrained Optimization and Nonlinear Equations - J.E. Dennis, R.B. Schnabel - SIAM - 1996 corrected edition
[2] Iterative Methods for Linear and Nonlinear Equations - C.T. Kelley - SIAM - 1995 [3] Testing Unconstrained Optimization Software - J.J. Moré, B.S. Garbow, K.E. Hillstorm - TOMS 7 pp 136-140 - 1981


pdf version of the documentation is here.
code will be available here after version 1.5.


Erhan Turan

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